Pennsylvanians for Transit Goals

The first step to creating a great transit advocacy network is to draw a map — our strategic goals. Below are pencil lines drawn on our map that will evolve as we engage with coalition partners and riders. 


We support public transportation because it connects people to jobs, connects Pennsylvania communities and prepares us for a prosperous future. We seek sustainable Pennsylvania funding for transit and advocate for service improvements to make transit even more efficient.


Statewide Support

Build a strong transit caucus in the Senate and House that will support sustainable funding for transit that meets the mobility needs of Pennsylvania communities

Delaware Valley Transit Coalition

Build community support for initiatives that will make SEPTA service faster and more convenient

Recruit Leaders

Recruit community transportation leaders and educate them on the transit funding and decision-making process, prioritizing constituencies that have historically been excluded from transportation planning

PA Transit Stories

Move beyond policy wonkiness and tell compelling stories of how transit helps Pennsylvanians and supports our economy

Build a Strong Organization

Build a strong statewide organization with a sustainable revenue stream